Premium Commercial Photography Services are a critical part of successful branding. I have personally provided these photographic services in the triangle for over 16-years and have included: Architecture/ Interior Photography, Product Photography, Food/ Beverage Photography, Editorial, Fashion, Service Industry, and Books/ Publication photography.

This style of photography often requires:
- Special camera equipment: Special purpose wide angle pro lenses with minimal distortion control, leveling cameras, versatile tripods)
- Unique lighting equipment: Gels, Diffusers, reflectors, and Dampeners)
- Technical Commercial photographic techniques: HDR (High Dynamic Range), Matching indoor/ outdoor Colors balance,
- Variety of lighting/ camera techniques: Specialized skill sets related directly with commercial photography.
- Specialized Photo Retouching Techniques: Perspective Control, Blended indoor/ outdoor color correction.

Save your organization time and money by hiring a professional the first time. I stand behind my product and service to insure that my clients receive the premium photographic service they are paying for.

ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHY: When it comes to architecture and interior photography I feel like I have a seamless workflow that provides guaranteed results.  I use specialty wide angle lenses, and a versatile tripod along with an incredible camera which produces fantastic structural representation of the locations.  I use self timers, HDR (High Dynamic Range) camera features, and extra slow shutter speeds.  These techniques allow me to capture extra sharp images that capture the natural feel and lighting of the environment. The final images produced are spectacular representations of the true art of the facility or structure.  This kind of photography is utilized to promote commercial facilities like restaurants, local businesses, houses and more. My favorite Architectural photography would have to be from the many beautiful homes photographed for Caldwell Banker Howard Perry Walston (HPW).

PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY: This type of photography is frequently an under rated art form.  Most clients approach this task by looking for a photographer to simply capture the image at an affordable price.  Communication is critical between the client and the photographer as many clients do not have the artistic vision that the photographer naturally will have.  I try to take a unique and modern artistic approach to commercial photography whenever possible.  My goals are to accurately depict the product as good or better than it actually looks, add an artistic edge to the imagery whenever possible, and find or create complementary environments without distractions for the advertised product.  My favorite commercial product photographed to date would have to be Andia's Ice Cream (Formerly known as The Freezing Point).

FOOD & BEVERAGE PHOTOGRAPHY: These clients frequently require photographs accurately capturing the artistic and ambient structure as well as the social atmosphere of their establishment.  These services also traditionally include imagery of their detailed craftsmanship in the making and/or after its completion.  Examples of these are restaurants, local micro-breweries, coffee shops, etc...  My favorite to date would be Bella Monica or Raleigh, NC which has the absolute BEST Italian food in the area.

EDITORIAL PHOTOGRAPHY: This style of photography focuses on providing content primarily for magazines and editorial styled web content.  Daniel J Studios has been published in both national and local publications as well as multiple magazine covers.  One of my personal favorite magazine covers is for 'Salon Today' showcasing the incredible success of the nations most successful and inspiring salon right here in Raleigh... Blo Salon

FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY: Fashion photography is my favorite form of commercial photography.  Primarily because I personally love fashion as well as I excel in photographing people.  Ive always strived to have a Big city and high fashion flair to my people photography whenever possible.  I have two favorites that come to mind.  One is 'Street Mode Twenty2' and their incredible urban clothing line and the other would be the Lingerie Giant 'Adam & Eve'.

BOOKS & PUBLICATION PHOTOGRAPHY: This content revolves around providing imagery for publishers of books.  This imagery is used for front or rear jacket design, middle of book content or headshots for the rear inner jacket.  One of my crowning publications is 'The Promise: A Tragic Accident, a Paralyzed Bride, and the Power of Love, Loyalty, and Friendship' by Rachelle Chapman (Friedman).