Glamour Photography

When it comes to photography, I love anything Glamour or GQ.  I love taking everyday people and having them dress up in their most glamorous clothes, having them get dolled up with hair and make-up and putting them on a rocking cool set and begin directing.  As the glamorous lifestyle does not come second nature to most people, I direct each and every limb into incredible poses.  I also direct the facial expressions so that the pose matches the expressions.  I have this process down to a predicable science where I can bring out the absolute best in everyone.  In my world, everyone has an inner celebrity and it's my job to capture it photographically.  

There are so many types of glamour sessions that are available.  We can do beauty shots where we concentrate on close ups of your face with glamorous jewelry, hair and make-up.  Some people are athletes and want to showcase their physiques in an artistic manner.  Some may want to do a trash the dress shoot where they take their old wedding dress and do something crazy in it by tearing it to shreds or cover it in paint or jump in a pool with it.  Others may want to do an alter ego shoot where the end result is one photograph that has two images of you in the same photo, showcasing two unique sides to their personality.  (Example: a stay at home Mom during the day but a diva on Saturday night.)  

The sky is the limit when it comes to glamour and GQ photography.  Let us know what ideas you have and I'll blow it out of the park for you.  If your not a super creative type, thats ok too.  Just bring some great clothes and an assortment of costume jewelry and shoes and let me do the work for you.  Either way we will create something spectacular!!!

We not only have access to my professional photography studio in downtown Wilmington on Front and Market St but we have the entire downtown historic district at our fingertips.  Literally right outside my front door there are fantastic sets down every street and ally.  We also have access to the river front and local beaches.  This is literally a photographers dream location.

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