Meet Nick Silverstein (Nyck)... Your Professional Modeling Consultant

Hello everyone! my name is Nick Silverstein or "Nyck" as people have gotten to know me as over the years (will explain) ;).

"I was born in Beverly, MA where I grew up with my mom, Colleen and dad Richard Silverstein. At the age of 4, we moved to Cary, NC where I grew up as a young man. I was the only child to a divorced family where I primarily was with my mom growing up. Always had a good relationship with my dad but truly I am a momma's boy at heart.

I attended and graduated from Apex High School in 2007 where I was secretly analyzing my future as a model. Words of support from my family is what really motivated me to pursue this career. At the age of 17, my mom and I Googled for photographers in the Triangle Area of North Carolina. With no hesitation based on great reviews, we made an appointment with Dan Hadley. Right off we all clicked! It was a comforting feeling to having no idea what I was getting myself into. We scheduled my first ever photo shoot to build a model portfolio a few weeks later and couldn't have been more nervous/excited. I remember stressing that my body wouldn't be 100% for the shoot so I brought my Perfect Push-Ups for in between shots haha. Soon after the shoot and final edits, I posted my portfolio to Model Mayhem. Dan had warned me that there were a lot of creeps on this site from so called photographers, agencys, make-up artists and celebrities. I soon found out what he meant. Besides all the hoopla messages, I was found by an agency in NYC called Identities.

Thanksgiving of 2007, my family all gathered in New Jersey where spent most of our holidays together and made a trip to NYC to meet with Identities. Being nervous and somewhat skeptical, I had my cousin Justin walk in with me so there was no funny business (which happens often in this industry). After meeting, Identities wanted me to travel to Milan when I was 18 to model with Major. Undergoing long talks with my parents, we both agreed for me to finish college before making this huge leap of faith a reality, so I did. I graduated with honors with an Associates in Business Marketing and then transferred in 2010 to East Carolina University. My reasons for sticking with college was one, because of the risk and uncertainty of success and two because I knew a degree was important and I wanted the full on college experience (based on watching Animal House:)).

I graduated from ECU with my Bachelor's in Business, concentration in Marketing. Usually after graduation the stress is over, well not for me. I wasn't your typical college grad who began looking for a full time job with a big shot company. My focus was figuring out how and when I was moving to New York City. So, I called my gay uncles otherwise known as the "Guncles" who had my full support and allowed me to move in with them in New Jersey. Right after New Years 2012, I packed my bags, left my girlfriend at the time and drove to the Big Apple! I soon began working for Parsons School of Design, Jimmy Jazz, Levis and LRG. A quick start to my modeling career! I then dropped Identities as my agency due to financial disputes and began freelance modeling, event bartending and some small nightclub promoting. One day, I was thinking of ways how people differentiate themselves and passed a store "NYCK" and thought "GENIUS!" I am going to change my spelling to Nyck like "New York Nick." Branding myself and becoming a part of the nightlife was the best way to take on New York. Partying, alcohol and beautiful woman everywhere, what could go wrong?? Well, girlfriend problems arose, my body was exhausted and season ran slow. I became somewhat depressed and was wondering if this was something I should be pursuing. After a couple months of no bookings, I ended up booking New York Fashion Week 2012 and some other fashion shows before I decided to move back home to NC.

Back in NC times were slow. It was difficult to switch from such a high paced lifestyle back to a southern paced life. I began bartending for a country club and then found an opportunity to work within my degree. I signed up for a summer internship with University Directories, which was through a friend of mine who was a manager. Our job for 3 months was to sell university planners, directories and their App to help advertise businesses for college students. Working sometimes 12 hour days in the NC summer heat, I decided to get back into modeling as well. I signed with Marilyn's in Greensboro, NC where I began modeling more lifestyle jobs like Kohls Ecomm and Rooms to Go. What a hell of a summer! I hit my personal sales goal and helped my team reach ours as well.

With the internship over, I still had no idea what I wanted to do. I began emailing my resume to businesses affiliated to UD and was approached in a pool bar to work with this families production company, DMA Event Productions. I learned graphic design, photography and more sales. Throughout DMA, I was unfulfilled financially and emotionally. My agency, Marilyns had an opportunity to meet an agency from Miami, MC2. Jeff Fuller, the CEO interviewed me and liked my look, but said "Lose the New York attitude, Miami is not like that." In 2014, after NYE I flew to Miami Beach! I am a worker, and having experience with the industries slow times, I knew I needed something to keep me busy. I remembered a bartending event I did for a Persian bridal party, where the hostess mentioned her brother owned bars in Miami, but not just any kind of bar, they were gay bars. Taken back and unsure, I spoke to my Guncles who reassured me and to give it a shot. They explained the money and connections are going to be great for you! So, I set up an interview and was hired on the spot. I moved into the model apartment the night of my first night bartending at Mova and could only imagine what these strangers I was living with thought of my entrance. "Hey guys! I'm Nyck, but I have to run because its my first night working at a gay bar!" Haha, good times.

Miami became my hub and befriending my roommates who are now some of my best friends and the friends/connections I made working at Mova shaped my life for 3 years. Mova closes, I began bartending then bar managing a boutique hotel Vintro where I promoted, trained and developed that bar for 2 years. Much of my Miami life I cannot explain, but let me tell you, it was a hell of a ride!

In 2015, Jeff Fuller, CEO of MC2 approached me with the opportunity to travel international for modeling. China was first on the list, and I soon began my Chinese visa and flight in March 2015. Off I went, a whole new world and intense journey was ahead. I lived in Shanghai for 4 months, where I lived in a cigarette filled apartment with models from all over the world. I learned the ways of an international model, how to pose, move, walk and live. What food to eat and what not to eat, language to get around and how to make extra MONEY. All the models would work in clubs as promoters and get paid 300-600 RMB which is about $60-$100 US dollars. CHA CHING! I began the New York habits again and soon needed to step away. At the end of my stay in Shanghai, I coached youth basketball for China Sports United. I couldn't of had a better closure to my Shanghai trip.

Working with an international scout, he then booked me to Beijing where I worked for 3.5 months as well. Some of my favorite memories were from Beijing. The heart of China, I am so grateful I lived in Shanghai first and had such a great group of friends. 

The memories of my this journey are ones that have shaped me as a man today and have so many thanks to everyone that has been an influence on my growth. Modeling is not just a job, it is a way of life, how you walk, dress, and act. You learn to be your own boss, grow thick skin and handle your business as a pro. Balancing freedom and fun is tricky, but it is possible. Knowing when to stop and listen to your body and heart is important and not forgetting who you are and how you were raised is the key to self fulfillment in this industry. Don't take yourself to seriously. Remember to laugh, learn about others and stop to take in where you are in the world and who you've become." Nyck Silverstein

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