NC Beach Swimsuit Photoshoot - Danielle
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Tuesday, August 08, 2017
By Daniel J Studios
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Just another day in paradise for veteran photographer Daniel Hadley, with Daniel j Studios of Wilmington.  This day's Swimsuit shoot was based out of Fort Fisher, NC, approximately 30 minutes from Wilmington.  Meet 19-year old Danielle.... she is a Jersey Girl with roots from the Dominican Republic, as well as an aspiring model interested in taking the world by storm.  You can find her at dani_luvzlife on Instagram where she currently has 1,293 followers.


We had a few objectives on this shoot.  First is that Danielle was new to modeling and we needed to design a rocking portfolio for her.  Second was she was approached by the incredible swimwear designer Boutine LA ( to model two of their rocking swimwear lines.  We started out with the classic daisy dukes look with a cute white top and her Boutine LA Pirate Black Bae Bikini underneath.  (Top $35.90 and Side Tie Bottom $30.00)

It was late July and the weather was perfect!!!!  The time of day was around 1:30pm, with was not ideal for the average sailor, but this former Marine fortunately had 17-years of experience to overpower the sun with his skills.  Ha!  I literally crack myself up... frequently.  Anyway, after our first round, she then changed into a Boutique LA, Cruise Orange Retro Once Piece - $69.  As you can see it has the Brazilian cut sides which literally stop traffic!!!  We know this because a tour bus of Marines that were following a poor tour guide around.  The guide made the mistake of standing the opposite direction of us.  I don't think one of those Marines watched the guide for a second.  Ha!  Danielle handled it all in stride to say the least.

This is my all time BEST favorite swimwear picture I have ever taken!!!  I absolutely LOVE how this one turned out!!!  It is classy, sexy and simply BAD ASS!!!  These are the real rewards to being an artist!!  When you find the true gems of your creativity.  I love that God gave us the ability to create.  It is by far his greatest gift to all of us.

There is something magical about the following image to me.  I guess I love it because it shows a romance between a woman and the sea.  It has a Fine Art feel, an incredible intimate emotion, depth, a calm and a volatility to it.  It is simply BEAUTIFUL!!!  

If you have ever wanted to have professional beach swimsuit photographs or portraits, please don't hesitate to call, text or email me at 919-995-5158 or fill out one of the forms on my site for more information.  The weather this time of year is perfect and I have beach portrait specials that you can't beat!  There is absolutely no experience needed.  Just have a little courage and leave the rest up to me.  :)

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