Senior Portraits - Rachel
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Saturday, January 07, 2017
By Christ Bound
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Check out Rachel's rocking Senior Portrait session with me here in downtown Wilmington, NC. She rolled up to my photo studio on Front and Dock St across from City Limit Saloon, armed with a ton of awesome outfits and an awesome attitude. Needless to say she made my job easy by being totally prepared with great outfit selections and an excitement about the upcoming shoot. I gave her my two cents about matching certain clothes, shoes, etc.. and we were off.

We started out right here in front of the studio shooting against this old school distressed green door behind City Limit Saloon. I picked this particular set because she was wearing a really cute top with a strong pattern and earth tones. I liked the idea of the pattern being offset with a solid complementary door. Rachel followed my lead as I showed her the poses I was looking for and then fell right into place doing her thing. I'm not entirely sure we do not have a future model on our hands, as she seemed to naturally fall into place. Soon it became a competition as to who had the better poses. Ha! I kid I kid. We worked our way across the street to 'The Husk' where there is some fantastic brick walls and benches. Once again I liked the earth tones that complemented her outfit.

We jumped back into my studio and prepped for our second look. This time she went for more of a white daisy duke shorts look wth a blue plaid top and boots. When I saw the white shorts, I immediately thought of this really cool white bridge a few blocks away. Word on the street is that it is the bridge used on the intro to 'One Tree Hill'. So we hopped in my bad ass Jeep Wrangler and skirted on over. Talk about fun... This bridge had all kinds of character. The graffiti was perfect for the youthful fun look I was going for. With all of the white metal and all of the cool angles offset with the wooden slat walkway, it complemented her colors perfectly!!!! We got some incredible shots for sure.

Next we ran back to my studio for outfit number four. Now this was my favorite of all of the outfit/ sets that we shot on that day. It was a canary yellow romper with camel colored wedges. Yes I am a bit into fashion, can you tell? It is an integral part of my business and it pays to be able to speak the language as well as know something about color and coordination. :) When I saw the outfit I knew I wanted to shoot it on River Walk about a block away. The outfit just reminded me of Summertime and what better place to be than near the water. Yes it was December and chilly out but I was armed with a custom white balance in my camera to bring out the warmth we were looking for. All we needed was some courage on Rachel's part and we were all set. Fortunately for me she brought her game face. Heck, I think I complained more about the cold than she did! Ha!!! (Here is where I wish I could insert a smart emoji but its not on my list of tools.) Boo!!!

Where was I? So I put Rachel in some really fun modeling poses that I have used with some high fashion models in the past to complement her super cool outfit. There are just so many incredible sets downtown, that we walked away with an amazing selection of gorgeous shots!!!

Next we changed into solid white pants and a dark blue summer top. I started out by taking her around the corner towards 'The Whisky' and found this sick rusted old door. The tones actually looked incredible against her rich auburn colored hair. We managed to get some incredible close up shots that pulled the tones in her eyes like you would not believe. Then we found a palm tree across the street where I went for an upscale island styled shot. Rachel has a perfect smile and the headshot we got here was simply stunning!!! Later we tucked into a couple stairwells were the environments were just spectacular!!! The fire escape shots looked too good to be true.

Lastly Rachel is a full fledged Cheer Leader. Yep the real deal!!! So we leveraged my studio space, shot on a white 4'x6' softbox on hardwoods and blew it out of the park. As I am not a cheerleader of sorts, I had to lean on Rachel's experience on this one and she taught me some fantastic poses.

The shoot was an incredible success!!!! If you or someone you know in Wilmington, Jacksonville, Fayetteville or Raleigh is looking to have their Senior Portrait session taken, please pass them my way. I pour everything I have into my sessions and constantly strive to outdo myself. Keep an eye out for me on Front St. You will recognize me right off the bat as I'm the good looking guy with the camera. Ha!!!

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Daniel Hadley - Ed your the bomb Brother. Thanks for the love!!!

Dan Hadley
edward perry - Hope you are compiling these shoot write ups and pics. I see a compendium of D Hadley work sitting on my coffee table some day. Almost enjoy the commentary more than the pics. Really gives life and draws you into the photos. Good stuff man.
edward perry - Hope you are compiling these shoot write ups and pics. I see a compendium of D Hadley work sitting on my coffee table some day. Almost enjoy the commentary more than the pics. Really gives life and draws you into the photos. Good stuff man.