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I have been passionate about the modeling industry for as long as I can remember. As a child a dreamt of being one of the best hi-fashion photographers like Patrick Demarchelier, Ellen Von Unworth, or Mario Testino. The thought of traveling the globe and working for all of the top global fashion editorials and the trendiest models in the industry, was my all time dream. Im not going to lie, I have not put that dream to rest and photographing Johnny Depp is at the top of my bucket list of life achievements.

For the past 16-years I have been professionally photographing Models in North Carolina. To date, my greatest protege is Nick Silverstein. Together we produced his first modeling portfolio session at the age of seventeen, about 10-years ago. He had an incredible look and a natural ability that was undeniable. We put together a superior collection of work that showcased the diversity of his looks, gave him the perception of being a veteran model with tricks like (adding a counter-point model in his portfolio, diversity of seasonal clothing in his portfolio, diverse variety of locations and themes, etc...) What happened next is nothing short of an incredible success story that has allowed Nick to travel the globe as a professional model signed with some of the nations top modeling agencies in NY and Miami as well as working with legendary client lists that would make any trendy teenager jealous. Over the past ten-years, I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with Nick on a professional level on more than one occasion.

Quality of information in the modeling industry is rather illusive, scandalous, or flat out full of horror stories. The reality is that modeling in the Carolinas, Miami, NY or LA can be incredibly fulfilling on a personal level as well as a financial level. If you are interested in building a modeling portfolio and stepping into the limelight then give me a call at 919-995-5158 or email for a FREE standard modeling consultation. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation with professional model, Nick Silverstein, then check out my 'Modeling Consultant' link.

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