Professional Headshot Photography Wilmington NC

Let me share with you why Professional Headshots are one of the most 'fun' types of photography that I do.  I get an opportunity to meet people that Ive never met a day in my life.  I get a short window of time to get to know them, discover their objectives and capture their personality in a single shot.  That is quite a challenge but I've discovered over the years that it comes second nature to me.  I make an immediate connection with my clients.  I get them laughing, smiling, telling me their background, passions in life, ect...  I bring enough energy to the table for both of us to help lift you up and get the caliber of images and expressed personality required for your project.

I have a new artistic photo studio in downtown Wilmington on Front and Market St, where I provide professional headshots.  Not only can I provide them in the studio but we can tap into incredible on location sessions as I am located in the heart of one of the most artistic cities in NC.


Types of Professional Headshots I provide:

Actor & Actress Headshots: A Professional Headshot is THE most important tool in an actor's tool chest.  The headshot is what gets the actor exposure to agencies, clients, directors, and more.  The headshot is the gateway to getting casting calls, which is what gets the model experience and financial gain.  To say investing in a great headshot photographer is a great idea, would be an understatement.

Model Headshots: Every commercial model must eventually have a professional headshot.  This headshot is paramount in landing quality agency representation as well as draw the attention of agency or independent clients.

Executive & Commercial Headshots: These are frequently contractors or working professionals whose corporation require them to independently seek out a professional headshot independently.  These shots reinforce the professionalism and job titles of the roles they hold or desire to hold.

Staff Headshots: These headshots are frequently done where a group of employees come in to get uniform professional headshots.  Alternatively these headshots can be provided at the actual company where the staff works.

Large & Medium Sized Group Corporate Headshots: These shots are frequently done outdoors and in groups over 10 people.  

Musician Heashots: These professional headshot are traditionally for musicians who are seeking or have active label representation and are taking their careers to the next level.  

Author Headshots: These are the headshots you see in the backs of books or on PR statements for Authors upcoming publications.

Entrepreneurial Headshots: These headshots are for working entrepreneurs who need a fresh professional look for their website showcasing their absolute best self.

Magazine covers and insets: These are my favorite little gems.  To have your paid work displayed on the cover of a magazine is an ultimate complement.  I am fortunate enough to have acquired some of these and have had images published in Vogue, 

Online Dating Headshots: These headshots are provided for individuals who are trying to get back in the dating scene and want to invest in high caliber photography.  These individuals understand that having high quality photographs of them looking their best, will help them attract a higher quality response.